User friendly, highly adaptive and configurable online platform designed for streamlining corporate processes such as rope access operations management, rope access training management, PPE and work at height equipment management and much more.

DATABASE SYSTEM - Preserve and protect your records. Document storage solutions. Back-up and archive records for long-term data retention.

MASTER DATA AND ACCESSIBILITY - Improve accessibility by ensuring quality and integrity of data is maintained during and beyond life of the project. Access your data anytime, from anywhere.

QUALITY CONTROL & COMPLIANCE - Ensure compliance with requirements of world rope access associations. Maintain quality and consistency of the project documentation pack.

PROCESS INTEGRATION - Integration of data from different projects to provide a unified view of current and past projects. RAOMS simplifies data sharing & Re-Use.

PPE & EQUIPMENT - Obtain full overview of equipment in use, quantities in storage and  items due to be serviced. Traceability on all previous inspections and expiration dates.

TRANSFORMATION - Transform your data into weekly, monthly, yearly or project-based reports. Publish data from print server. Create custom reports according to needs.

GOVERNANCE - Maximize visibility of the data and promote transparency on team activities. Performance management.

MULTI-LEVEL ACCESS - Distribute and Control your data – share, control access, establish keyholders & promote collaboration. Multi-level access for teams, clients and admin staff.

RAOMS Content & Main Sections

Rope Access Online Management System has a user-friendly interface and was designed with simplicity in mind, so all users, even those with basic level of computer literacy can manage the process. RAOMS consists of 6 main sections.

Every section consists of modules which are thematically related, but at the same time interact with other modules from different groups. The highly-integrated modular system allows relatively quick assembly of customized application to suit client needs and demand.

RAOMS is designed to streamline business processes and facilitate interaction between various company departments, managers and field technicians.

RAOMS is an efficient platform for creation and storage of documents and forms required for safe work at height and rope access projects.

Company and office







 RAOMS was not developed in one day. Behind the scenes remains a thoughtful and effortful work process.






Our Process

We value our clients and listen carefully, evaluating the business needs. We analyze operations and economic processes that stand behind the client requirements and design unique solutions that suit their businesses.


DESIGN - We will assemble modules relatively quickly  and offer an individual solution to manage almost every aspect of your business in one system.


Plan - We will listen to you carefully and help assemble a customized online management application that suit  your organization, taking into account the intricacies & nature of your business.


CODE - We program a secure online application using PHP and MySQL.

In combination with regular data backups it is a robust system and an absolute data security is created.


LAUNCH - We provide clear instructions and guidelines how to set up and use the application.  After your platform is launched we support to take your business to new levels of success!


SUPPORT - We provide technical support for the duration of the contract. This includes break/fix services, security updates, backups, further development and modification as required.

Our Team

Our project drew together a multinational team of experts in their specialist fields.

We bring a vast experience to help our clients achieve positive outcomes.

Our services

We offer the full spectrum of services to help your business work better. Everything from creating personalized RAOMS to training your people to work in more effective ways, assessing how you’re doing, and helping you perform even better in future. Very few others do this, and none have been doing it as long as we have.

client testimonials

The greatest accolade we can receive is the gratitude of our RAOMS clients for helping them to take their businesses to the next level.

RAOMS Portfolio

It is common to see many companies that have multiple systems that perform the same function. Many reasons may exist for this duplication, including the former prominence of departmental computing, the application silos of the 2010s and 2020s, the proliferation of corporate attempts to adopt new IT tools. Regardless of the duplication, each application is separately maintained and periodically upgraded, and the redundancy increases complexity and cost.


It is different with RAOMS

RAOMS is one-stop shop IT platform!


The below presentation will expand on  RAOMS impact and  capabilities.

Plans & Pricing

Retail software solutions are not expensive, but required deep product knowledge and a lot of time for successful integration into your business.

Custom software development services, in the opposite way, are very expensive and not affordable for 90% of the companies.


We like to be on the middle! Simple plans. Affordable prices. Only pay for what you really need. 18/7/365 customer support.

Change, upgrade or cancel your plan at any time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Here you will find:

General questions


Q. Is there a setup fee?

A. Yes, there is a one-time setup fee for generating codes and configuring the RAOMS and print server for your company. The amount depends on the price plan, and can vary from 250 to 1000 euro.


Q. Can I cancel my account at any time?

A. Yes. If you ever decide that RAOMS isn’t the best management platform for your business, simply email our customer support and cancel your subscription at the end of your contract term.


Q. How long are your contracts?

A. All RAOMS plans are monthly contracts unless you sign up for an annual or biennial plan.


Q. Do you offer any discounted plans?

A. Yes, we offer a 20% discount on annual plans and a 30% discount on biennial plans, when the subscription fees are paid upfront.


Q. Can I change my plan later on?

A. Absolutely! You can downgrade or upgrade your plan at any time. We really hope that the costs of RAOMS will grow only with the expansion of your business and the increase in the needs of bigger plans and additional opportunities from the management platform.

System requirement questions


Q. Do I need my own web server or web hosting?

A. No. All required files and database are located online on our web server. We look after all necessary security or performance updates, and manage your database backups.


Q. What are minimum computer requirements I need to use RAOMS?

A. To enter  or view  your data the minimum requirement is Window 7 or higher OS, Linux OS or MAC OS, connected to Internet with installed updated version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


Q. Is it possible to use RAOMS on smart phone or tablet?

A. Yes. To use RAOMS to enter  or view data you need any mobile device with Android OS, Chrome OS or IOS connected to Internet with installed updated version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


Q. What are the system requirements for computer with installed RAOMS print server client?

A. Minimum requirements to computer are Microsoft Window 7 or higher Windows OS, connected to Internet using static IP address or use VPN, in addition you need to install updated Microsoft Access 2016 or higher Microsoft Access.


Q. Can I print documents from my Mac mini or MacBook?

A. Yes. But additional steps and software is required. You would need to install Parallels Desktop Business Edition on your Mac. Then install Virtual Machine with Microsoft Window 7 or higher Windows OS, computer must be connected to Internet using static IP address or use VPN, in addition you would need to install updated Microsoft Access 2016 or higher Microsoft Access.


Q. How can I print or save documents and forms in PDF format?

A. You would need to install one of PDF tools available on the market to be able to save of print documents in PDF.


Q. Do I need fast Internet connection  to use RAOMS?

A. Internet speed requirements are not critical for RAOMS.  For comfortable use 512kb or higher Internet speed is sufficient. Ping is more critical for critical for efficiency. We can test your speed  before you decide to purchase  RAOMS and advise further.

Installation and integration questions


Q. How difficult is RAOMS installation process?

A. For end user it is quite simple. You receive a link to your RAOMS platform with admin credentials and you are ready to start All hard set up work we do from our end.


Q. Computers are not my strongest side, and I don't have anyone in my company who can help me. Will I be able to understand RAOMS?

A. Yes. The RAOMS logic is based not on computer knowledge, but on understanding the company's work flow. We do support our customers, and should you have difficulties, we are ready to answer your questions.


Q. How long would RAOMS integration process take?

A. It depends on a few factors. The company size, available human resources to implement integration and input existing data into RAOMS. It also depends on any existing management system which are in use; how big is the operations  and training departments. Usually it takes between two weeks and 3 months.


Q. What does a Print-server mean?

A. In RAOMS context, print server means one file located on the local computer or laptop, which is connected to online RAOMS database. Special settings and drivers installed  allow printing and savings forms and documents from RAOMS  into local printer or  PDF .


Q. How difficult is RAOMS Print-server installation process?

A. Depending on your computer configurations and software installed, we will generate a step by step instruction for you, explaining how to install RAOMS Print server. Once you follow our instructions it is not difficult at all.


Q. How many RAOMS users and print servers we can have in our company?

A. There is no limit on users or print servers. It is your decision to identify number of users and print servers required  as well as to specify level of access for each individual or group of users.

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Problem analysis and market research.

Planning of sections, structural design

and creation of framework diagram.

RAOMS Planning & Design

Implementation of coding in PHP and MySQL. Development of database & print server. Testing RAOMS application.

Implementing & testing



€150 month*

Advanced Plan to manage Rope Access operations and trainings, including PPE/Equipment


Unlimited Users

18/7/365 Support

Online Access




 * Price including 20% annual discount


Welcome To RAOMS.NET


Designed by rope access business to help other rope access businesses

RAOMS wide release to the market. Continual improvement process as ongoing effort to improve modules, documents and reports.

Start of sales

Gathering requirements for the project, generating algorithms, profiling algorithms' accuracy and resource consumption.

Programming & Development

Evaluating RAOMS with partners, to ensure that the app meets the pre-defined business requirements as well as the end users expectations.  External testing and fixing bugs.

Validation with partners

RAOMS.NET data Management

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